WE can make a difference. 


  • More and more people from all over the world are “seeing 11:11” every day. The actual number is said to be as many as several million
  • For a lot of people “seeing 11:11” brings a sense of comfort. A feeling that “All is Well”
  • Many people instinctively know to pause and ‘make a wish’ when they see 11:11. Others have learned it’s a good time to focus on a positive intention
  • A group of people coming together to visualise, (focus, wish, pray, intend, transmit, energise) with a shared purpose in mind is incredibly powerful
  • The number of people wanting to be involved in creating this kind of change is increasing rapidly

So Connecting the Dots . . . .

IMAGINE the impact of this type of shared intention/energy being sent out into the world every day, on the hour, at wherever on the planet the clocks are showing 11:11 !

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