So… there you are… you are “seeing 11:11”.

You are having an EXPERIENCE that is undeniable to you. 

At some point you find out that other people are also having the same experience. This is quite comforting in some ways. But this knowledge may also raise more questions than it answers…

It may challenge you to change the way you have always looked at life and the nature of reality. It may mean you need to reevaluate beliefs you have always held.

This is one reason you may see 11:11 referred to as an Awakening Code. Because many people begin to look at the world differently when they have an 11:11 experience (the other reason is to do with the energy of the numbers 11:11 and the effect they have on our energetic fields and bodies). The numbers are literally awakening our DNA (science is now showing that vibration can in fact affect DNA - there is more information about this in the resources links).

Where the search takes you will be up to you, and will depend on your path, so follow your intuition, connect with your soul often through meditation, visualisation or some other method, and the right information will appear at the right time.

And be open… it will be a magical journey if you let it.



Perhaps a better question would be “Why You NOW”?  Different people start seeing the numbers at different times. It begins when it’s the right time for you. You may have just  started seeing the numbers since 11/11 or another key date and chanced upon this site. Or perhaps you started noticing the numbers at a time a loved one passed over (this is very common).

If you have recently started seeing the numbers, or only just realised you are "not alone", use YOUR intuition to find the information that’s right for you. There are lots of places to start on our resources page.

Does "seeing 11:11" make you special?  Of course!! … you are unique and YOU are needed NOW on the planet...


This also brings with it a responsibility. It’s time to express the UNIQUE you - who you really are at the core. Noone else can contribute that piece except you. Of course this isn’t an onerous responsibility - it simply means it’s time follow your heart, your joy, your bliss. 

Seeing 11:11 also means you are part of something phenomenal ... but do keep in mind that there are lots of special, beautiful, ‘awake’ people who don’t see numbers. We all have different paths, different gifts and different timeframes and all is perfect.