Seeing 11:11 - A Global Vision


The Search for Answers

So… there you are… you are “seeing 11:11”.

You are having an EXPERIENCE that is undeniable to you.

At some point you find out that other people are also having the same experience. This is quite comforting in some ways. But this knowledge may also raise more questions than it answers…

It may challenge you to change the way you have always looked at life and the nature of reality. It may mean you need to reevaluate beliefs you have always held.

This is one reason you may see 11:11 referred to as an Awakening Code. Because many people begin to look at the world differently when they have an 11:11 experience (the other reason is to do with the energy of the numbers 11:11 and the effect they have on our energetic fields and bodies. There is more information about this in the resources links).

Where the search takes you will be up to you, and will depend on your path, so follow your intuition and your JOY and the right information will appear at the right time. And be open… it will be a magical journey if you let it.

Why Me ?

Perhaps a better question would be “Why Me NOW”?  Different people start seeing the numbers at different times. It begins when it’s the right time for you. You may have just  started seeing the numbers since 11/11/11 and chanced upon this site. A lot more people will  begin “seeing 11:11” this year. If this is you then use your intuition to find the information that’s right for you. There are lots of places to start on our resources page.

Does it make you special? Of course!! … you are unique and YOU are needed NOW on the planet... This also brings with it a responsibility. It’s time to express the UNIQUE you - who you really are at the core. Noone else can contribute that piece except you. Of course this isn’t an onerous responsibility - it simply means it’s time follow your JOY. Your JOY leads you back to who you really are.

Seeing 11:11 also means you are part of something phenomenal ... but do keep in mind that there are lots of special, beautiful, ‘awake’ people who don’t see numbers. We all have different paths, different gifts and different timeframes and all is perfect.

Seeing 11:11

It’s probably a good idea to clarify what we mean by “seeing 11:11”  (or the other master sequences like 333 or 77).  It doesn’t mean you are looking for the number sequences. Quite the opposite really.

It’s almost like you get a “nudge” to look at the clock or CD player or odometer at precisely the right  moment, usually when you are focused on something else. In the case of a CD or DVD player, where the numbers change over quite quickly, you would have to be pretty lucky to glance over just as the timer moves on to 1111, or 555, but guess what? Somehow you do ! Most of you reading this will have had this experience so do feel free to show this page to your family and friends as evidence that you’re not going crazy !  Or if you are… then there’s a few million of us going crazy with you ! 

It’s also pretty rare to get a shopping bill that adds up to $111.11 right ? But you get them… and it’s usually when you just added that one last item that suddenly jumped out at you. Does that sound familiar ?

Sometimes it doesn’t even make sense… for example, your power may have gone off in the middle of the night and you wake with the clock flashing 11:11… at 6am… 

This is usually the point where most people realise that something is really going on. They want to know what this means and they begin the search. And that is really the gift of the numbers – they lead you to The Search for Answers (see right panel). 

Where are the numbers coming from ?

Numbers and signs are there for all to ‘see’ but only some will be aware of them. You have no doubt been in a group of people and been the only one to see 11:11 or the 3 number plates ending in 555 that have just driven past.

So the question is - what is it that makes you ‘look’ or be aware of the numbers?

Many of us  believe that each person on the planet has one or more spirit guides. These are non-visible beings who have promised to be with us and help us on our journey here on earth. You may like to think of these guides as guardian angels. Whatever resonates with you.

Your guides are there to help you do the things you planned to do in this life. To keep you ‘on your path’ so to speak. Your guides have a higher perspective of your life than what you are able to see from your limited earthbound vantage point and they know what you planned to do in this life. When the time is right your guides will start nudging you to notice the appropriate numbers and signs.

Our guides gently draw our attention to the numbers. They wake us at 11:11. They nudge us so that we turn our head just as the dvd player rolls over to 333. They give us the idea to be at a certain place at a certain time so that we will see a particular number plate.

Meanwhile our internal guidance system (or our intuition) is what alerts us that a sign is a message for us. We just KNOW it when we see it.

This guidance comes to us very simply through our emotions, through our heart, from the non-visible aspect of ourselves that some people call the higher self.  You may prefer to think of this as your soul, your wise self or your subconscious. Whatever is most comfortable for you.  This guidance is always happening so check how you FEEL when you see a number sequence. It will be a clue as to its meaning for you!

If some of this information is new to you then check in with your intuition to see if it feels right. One thing is for sure – no matter what you believe - you ARE having this experience and you are being supremely guided and loved at all times. You are never alone on this journey.

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