If you study Numerology you will find that there is so much more to numbers than many of us believe. Pythagorus, who was not just a great mathematician but also a philosopher and mystic, believed that numbers are entities with their own energy or vibration. He believed each of the numbers from 1 to 9 had a specific meaning… and its own distinct energy..



Master numbers - sequences of double or triple numbers such as 11, 22, 333 - increase the impact of the vibration of the individual digits and are very powerful and sacred. When these numbers start to come into our field repeatedly their energy has an impact on us, whether we are aware of it or not.

The energy of the numbers is waking up our biology, affecting our DNA and helping us evolve to the next level, even if we are not aware of what is happening.

But as we start to become aware we may notice the patterns and sequences that are occurring, and being human we do like to attach meaning to what we are seeing. 

There is certainly much information to be gained from interpreting the numbers, and many wonderful teachers have written guides based on their own insights. You might want to check out our resources page and find the one that feels right to you for a start. There may be personal meanings for you that you will discover as you start to acknowledge the information that is coming. 

For our purposes here we would suggest that the numbers are always reminding you of your power as a creator. They may be nudging you to watch your thoughts and get back on track. Or they may be affirming that you are on the right path. How you feel when you see them will be a clue. Either way it would be a great time to focus on Your Joyful Vision.

It’s certainly no coincidence that so many people are seeing the numbers now. These master sequences are getting our attention and reminding us all that our thoughts are creating our reality as we move through this great transition on the planet.

Can you IMAGINE the effect of hundreds, thousands or even millions of people all focusing with positive intention at 11:11 every single day. WOW !!!
— Julie Ann, Creator of Seeing 11:11 - A Global Vision


Millions of people on the planet are now becoming aware of repeatedly seeing this particular number sequence. It is indeed a phenomenon.

If you are having this experience yourself you know it means something. It’s beyond coincidence. That’s why you are here reading this page.

Most likely, when you see 11:11 it brings you a sense of comfort. It’s like an affirmation that everything is on track and will be alright. Even if your external circumstances may ‘appear’ difficult.

One way to think about 11:11 is that it is like a reminder. It’s asking you to pause. It’s asking you to take a breath and think about the energy of the numbers. It’s asking you to remember that you are the creator of your own reality through your thoughts and feelings. It’s asking you to be aware of the thoughts you are having right now.

The number 1 is all about beginnings so 11:11 is a magnification of that energy.

Many people know to make a wish when they see 11:11 and that is perfect because the energy to create something new is there, supported by the numbers themselves. The 11:11 brings with it an opening, a great opportunity to think about what you want to create.

But creating is not just about wishing. Creating is about holding a vision, a thought, about what you want to manifest as if it is already created. And at the same time letting the feeling you will have when this ‘wish’ comes true be in your body NOW. Head and heart working together.

It is this feeling that will help to attract events like the one you are envisioning. Your emotions act like a magnet. That’s the great paradox – to create something we need to feel like we already have it ! You might want to look at our suggestions for how to generate feelings of JOY.