Do you “See 11:11” most days ?


Do you just ‘happen’ to look at the clock (or microwave or phone) at exactly that time ?  Do your eyes catch the timer on your DVD player just as it is rolling onto 1111 ?  Do your supermarket receipts add up to $11.11, or do you see 111 or 1111 on number plates ?

Perhaps you consistently see other sequences like 222, 33 or 555 as well.

At first it may have seemed like a coincidence but then you realised there was more to it. 

If this is you... welcome to this site.
You are in the right place !

Inside... you will find lots of information about “seeing 11:11”

The what, the why ... and the now what ?

I'm so glad you're here.

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Julie Ann (creator of Seeing 11:11 - A Global Vision)


What Does IT MEan ?

Millions of people on the planet are now becoming aware of repeatedly seeing this particular number sequence. It is indeed a phenomenon..

... But What Does it Mean ?

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Join with others all over the world to experience something very special. If even a percentage of us are able to connect daily with positive intention, then we have an incredible opportunity to create change.

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